7×7 Challenge #2


I’m so excited to be participating in Ma Nouvelle Mode‘s 2nd 7×7 challenge. Visit here for the first 7×7 challenge. The idea is to take 7 different outfits using only 7 pieces from your wardrobe. This time shoes are not included in the 7 items. This is exactly what I needed to help me pack for our upcoming vacation. Over the years I’ve gotten better in what to pack, but I still find that I tend to bring way more than I’m actually going to wear. I think my issue is running into the “I have nothing to wear” headache while we are on vacation. I like to have options, just in case I’m not in the mood to wear that outfit. Anyways below are my 7 items.

7x7 Challenge Items

1. Maxi Dress (Gap). 2. Blazer (RW & Co.). 3. Tank Top (Gap). 4. White Tee (J Crew). 5. Patterned Shorts (Gap). 6. Jean Shorts (Reitmans). 7. Striped Skirt (RW & Co.).

I picked these pieces because they are functional, versatile, easy to pack and comfortable.

Here are the 7 different outfits that I created from these 7 pieces. In the end I could have created many more than just 7 outfits.

Outfit #1

Maxi Dress

Dress (Gap). Sandals (Aldo). Hat (Aritzia). Purse (J Crew). Necklace (My Name Necklace). Bracelet (Henri Lou). Watch (Michael Kors).

2. Outfit #2

Maxi Dress with Blazer

Dress (Gap). Blazer (RW & Co.). Necklace (My Name Necklace). Bracelet (Gigglosophy). Watch (Michael Kors). Purse (Banana Republic). Shoes (Aldo).

3. Outfit #3

RW & Co Skirt

Skirt (RW & Co.). T-Shirt & Necklace (J Crew). Shoes (Aldo). Purse (Banana Republic). Bracelet (Gigglosophy). Watch (Michael Kors).

Outfit #4

RW & Co Skirt

Skirts & Jacket (RW & Co.). Tank Top (Gap). Necklace & Purse (J Crew). Bracelet (Ily Couture). Watch (Michael Kors). Sandals (Aldo).

Outfit #5

Cobalt Blazer

Blazer (RW & Co). T-Shirt, Necklace & Purse (J Crew). Wedges (Aldo). Shorts (Reitmans). Bracelet (Gigglosophy). Watch (Michael Kors).

Outfit #6

Gap Shorts

Shorts & Tank (Gap). Necklace (My Name Necklace). Sandals (Aldo). Purse (Banana Republic). Hat (Aritzia). Bracelet (Henri Lou). Watch (Michael Kors).

Outfit #7

Gap Shorts

Shorts (Gap). Shirt, Necklace & Purse (J Crew). Bracelet (Gigglosophy). Watch (Michael Kors). Shoes (Aldo).

May this blog help you in packing for your vacation this Summer.

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Happy Hump Day Everyone!!!!

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29 thoughts on “7×7 Challenge #2

  1. Inge

    Cute, you came up with great outfits from your items! I’ve recently started packing using remixable items instead of specific, planned out items. It’s a lot more flexible for me because I’d always wind up not wanting to wear the specific outfits I’d planned.

  2. sofia

    This is why I love your blog. What a great post and looks you came up with.

    Have a wonderful day!



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